KMSauto NET What is it?

On the web, there are lots of software that allow you to activate Windows and Office for free but the ease of use of KMSAuto Net 2014 is really impressive. In fact, thanks to this small program you can activate any version of Windows and Microsoft Office.  The small program, available free on the internet, will make completely genuine any version of the Windows operating system, even with Windows XP, that all versions of Office. Obviously, all these procedures are illegal and therefore you take all the risks of the case because I remind you that you must purchase an Office or Windows license to use the two software. 

Returning to us, KMSAuto Net 2014 will enable Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 and also all versions of Office from XP to the latest Office 2013 version.  Once you have downloaded KMSAuto Net 2014, simply press the activation button and wait for the program to activate one of the following versions for free:  Activate, record, make genuine Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2 Activate, register, make genuine Office 2010, 2013. VL edition   What does KMSauto not active?  Office not VLOffice TrialOffice Beta or PreviewAll the Windows editions missing from the “What’s Active” listWindows evaluation version 90 days downloaded from the Microsoft website or in Preview version does not activate versions of Windows TrialThere are cases and exceptions where it doesn’t always work, so avoid insulting, thanks.

It may not work with versions of Windows / Office in English or other languages other than Italian does not work with Windows versions that are faked/modulated  How does KMSauto work?  The KMS emulates a virtual server that through certificates allows you to activate Windows and Office with licenses ranging from 45 days to 180, these licenses are reset each time the KMS is started as a service or every manual restart, all settings can be managed as the desired user. There is no limit of use or reset so the license is to be considered for Life. Uninstalling the KMS obviously this process does not happen anymore so at the end of the days Windows or Office will deactivate. It is not an illegal procedure since Original licenses are used.  If you upgrade Windows for example if you switch to Windows 10 from Windows 7If you have uninstalled one version of Office to install another, for example, remove Office 2013 to install 2016Some antiviruses even if disabled continue to protect the Operating System by blocking the work of the KMS. Therefore, deactivate them during the procedure.  KMSpico and malware  Like all these widely used cracks, malware authors use the notoriety of KMSpico to upload sites with fake setups.  The user goes to the site without knowing it and launches the download and installation of KMSpico.  In general, this is setup revisited to install PUPs, Adware or Trojan Miner packs.  A fairly complete article exists on the site that shows a bit of these campaign to use KMSpico to infect users: Kmspico / KMSAuto and trojans   The program healthy to also be detected by antivirus, including Microsoft, which of course, does not want this application can work.  The detections are of the Hacktool type, that is to say, hacking tool, so it is not a threat of the type of trojan horse and even less belonging to a known family. This tool taken from